Website Security: Staying Safe With WordPress

No matter what website you are on and how much security that website has set up for itself, every website is vulnerable to bad things happening and can be attacked by smart cybercriminals. When you use WordPress to start your own website, you put a lot of work and effort into it and work to make it your own so that your business can launch off. However, no matter how hard you worked on your website or how much security you put up around it, your website can be attacked. This is just what happens on the internet and there is no predictability to it or rhyme or reason to who gets attacked. However, most cyberattacks can be prevented from happening if you follow a few security tips. Below is a list of just a few things you can do to make your WordPress website more secure overall.

1.) Update any new releases
Wordpress creators are constantly working to make the website better, fix any bugs, and make it more secure to ward off cyberattacks. With each new release and any updates that they put out, you should do your best to download the update as soon as possible. If you do not update your WordPress site, then you are putting yourself at risk. It takes no time at all to update WordPress. All you have to do is log in, go to your dashboard, and click the update now button. A few seconds can keep you safe from and malicious bugs or cyberattacks that could happen.

2.) Back your website up on a regular basis
When you backup your website on WordPress you are essentially creating a copy of everything that is on there and all the data that you have put on there and it stores everything in a safe place. If you keep the website backed up, then you can restore the website to how it was should anything happen and it crashes. It is highly recommended that you get software like Jetpack for $3.50 a month and have the ability to back up your data on a daily basis so you don’t run the risk of losing any valuable data. If you’re looking for a WordPress backup plugin head on over to the duplicator pro website and take advantage of their awesome plugin!

3.) Change your password often
Hackers are able to hack into your website if you have your site set up where you can try an unlimited amount of times to guess the correct username and password. If they can guess it an unlimited amount of times, then they can eventually guess your login. The first thing you can do to limit that from happening is to have a set amount of login attempts possible. It is then recommended that you change your password as often as once a month and to make it as obscure as possible so it is hard to guess and never the same for long.

4.) Install a firewall onto your website
You more than likely already have a firewall on your computer to keep the data on your computer safe from bugs and malicious viruses. On top of having a general computer firewall, it is also recommended that you install this tool for extra security stright onto your WordPress website. Having this software downloaded directly onto your website will keep it from falling prey to any viruses, malware, bugs that cause crashes, or attacks from cybercriminals.